Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Marie Biancuzzo Pairs Courses to Help Lactation Test-Takers Prepare for New 2010 IBLCE Exam Format

Breastfeeding Outlook, the nation's premier lactation education company, now helps IBLCE exam takers prepare with back-to-back courses that cover the exam blueprint, tackling tough topics and emphasizing photo items. Reduced registration rates are available.

Breastfeeding Outlook's Marie Biancuzzo, RN MS IBCLC, is coming to seven cities across the nation this spring to help candidates prepare for the newly-revised International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners (IBLCE) exam. Participants can attend her acclaimed two-day Lactation Exam Review course for help with the tough topics they'll face on the exam. Or, they can take the new one-day seminar Picture Perfect: Finding the Clues, Getting the Answers, and Passing the IBLCE Exam to focus on the photo items. Taking advantage of "early-bird" registration discounts, most participants are registering for both seminars.

"I want everyone I teach to pass this exam," Ms. Biancuzzo explains. "Lactation Exam Review has met that goal; more than 99% of participants consistently pass the exam the first time." The course covers the full scope of the exam blueprint in an intensive, interactive "crash course" designed to build knowledge, skills and confidence.

This year's IBLCE exam will be very different from past years'. Now, 60% of the exam questions--100 of 175--require recognition of clinical photos. "Decoding pertinent visual information will be more important than ever," Ms. Biancuzzo explains. "Picture Perfect gives test-takers the opportunity to master that skill."

With this solid foundation, candidates will gain the knowledge and skills they need both to deliver the highest quality, evidence-based care every day and to pass their professional IBLCE exam in 2010.

Coming to Atlanta, GA; Baltimore, MD (BWI-Linthicum); Boston, MA (Lowell); Dallas, TX (Lewisville); Peoria, IL; Portland, OR (Tualatin); and South Orange, NJ.

To register or find out more, visit http://www.breastfeedingoutlook.com/

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Want Marie to come to your city in 2010?

If you would like Marie Biancuzzo to speak in your city in 2010, you may be in luck!

We are in the process of mapping out Breastfeeding Outlook's seminar and conference calendar for the upcoming year. If you need a speaker for your group's event, have a lead on a particular location, or want to share an opinion about a particular city, you can add a note to the comments of this post or e-mail us at seminars@breastfeedingoutlook.com

We are looking forward a great year!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Registration Open for Comprehensive Lactation Course: Mastering the Blueprint

Breastfeeding Outlook, the nation’s premier lactation education company, is now offering an exciting course that combines in-person seminars with online learning to support learners in mastering a lactation curriculum.

Herndon, VA August 3, 2009—
Breastfeeding Outlook’s Marie Biancuzzo, RN MS IBCLC will teach a comprehensive course to prepare candidates for the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners (IBLCE) exam. This highly interactive course, which also focuses on improving clinical outcomes, will be offered in two metro areas this October: Denver, Colorado and Baltimore, MD.

The much-anticipated new course, Marie Biancuzzo's Comprehensive Lactation Course: Mastering the Blueprint, combines four in-person seminar days with unique online education components. The course covers all thirteen disciplines and twelve chronological areas of the exam blueprint and provides the required number of credits for IBLCE exam
candidates. Throughout their study, participants will apply concepts and principles to situations commonly encountered in real-life clinical practice.

The course taps the educational expertise of two experts in the lactation field. Marie Biancuzzo, RN MS IBCLC, is the founder of Breastfeeding Outlook. She is the author of Breastfeeding the Newborn: Clinical Strategies for Nurses and multiple independent-study modules, as well as over 100 articles, many in peer-reviewed publications. Marie has more than twenty years of experience in maternal-child clinical care and continuing education. She is well-known for her popular two-day Lactation Exam Review course, which attracts hundreds of participants from coast to coast each year.

Ann Davis, RPh IBCLC, is the founder of Breastfeeding Associates. Ann Davis has taught classes, led breastfeeding support groups, and provided private consultation for lactating mothers. With more than twenty years as a retail pharmacist and compounding pharmacist, Ann is an expert in pharmacology and endocrinology.

With this solid foundation, candidates will gain the knowledge and skills they need both to deliver the highest quality, evidence-based care every day and to pass their professional IBLCE exam in 2010.

About Breastfeeding Outlook
Breastfeeding Outlook, based in Herndon, VA, is a long-term provider of CERPs and continuing education programs. Breastfeeding Outlook offers a variety of evidence-based programs, publications and resources, as well as the consulting and educational services of Marie Biancuzzo.

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